TagMyMusic  (italiano)
TagMyLibrary is a pygtk program to help you to organize your music library.
If you have hundreds of song without album, artist, or even title, you can easily and quickly find them out with an easy and smart graphic interface to some music databases, like midomi.com, lyrics.wikia.com and musicbrainz.com.
There are several search engines to look for images and lyrics (you can even add your favourite cover or lyrics search engine python module, and easily add it to the program).
Mp3 and m4a formats are fully supported, while other formats may not work perfectly.

I'm writing this program for hobby, so I can't spend so much time on it... I begun for personal need: I have an iPod Touch, and hate when there's non album art or when lyrics are wrong or absent. I think that version 0.4 is the first that can be a beta, because the previous versions were not usable without some adjustments. If someone has downloaded my program and used or tried to us it, please write me an email to alessandro0blanco@gmail.com, so that I know that someone is interested in it. Thanks!!

sourceforge project page

ver 0.4.5
ver 0.4.4
ver 0.4.3
ver 0.4.2
ver 0.4.1
ver 0.4
ver 0.3
ver 0.2

How to use it
First of all download and untar the last version package (one of the links above) wherever you want in your home folder. These packages are required:
They are all available in the ubuntu repositories or downloadable from their website.
Then you can launch the program with this command:
python /home/__user__/__path_to_folder__/tagmymusic.py

Open files
If the program starts successfully you can open some music files. In order to do this you can import single or multiple files clicking on the button "Add file(s)", a folder on "File >> Add folder" or a folder with all files in it (also in the subfolders) on "File >> Add folder with subfolders".
Wait for the program to read tags for the selected files/folders and then you can select a track to see its title, artist, album, lyrics and cover in the right panel.

Lyrics functions:
Cover functions:
Save changes:
When you have finished editing tags you should save these changes. In order to do this select the songs you want to apply the changes to and click the "Write tags" button.